Why did Henry VIII marry Catherine of Aragon?

After Elizabeth’s death, in an attempt to keep Catherine’s dowry the aging King Henry VII started negotiations to marry Catherine himself, though their plans were blocked by Catherine’s mom, Isabella of Castile.

Upon the loss of Henry VII in April 1509, 17-year-old Henry acceded into the throne. Prince Arthur’s death would be to be much more significant whenever Henry VIII made a decision to marry their brother’s widow, a selection which is why the couple needed to get unique dispensation from the pope. Yet it absolutely was maybe maybe perhaps not an option created solely of responsibility, writes historian Alison Weir.

“While the facts about her marriage to Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, would stay a secret for hundreds of years, there was clearly never ever any question that Catherine of Aragon’s marriage that is second their cousin, Henry VIII, had been ardently consummated to their wedding evening in June 1509.

This princess from mighty Spain, who brought him a rich dowry and international prestige to the fledgling Tudor dynasty, ” says Weir“To the 18-year-old, idealistic king, she was a great prize.

“He adored her: she had been, our company is told, ‘the most stunning creature in the world’. She had been 23, plump and pretty, along with stunning red-gold locks that hung below her sides. Henry talked freely of this joy and felicity he’d discovered with Catherine. ”

Had been the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon a happy one?

Their union had not been to carry on joyfully, if it had ever started therefore. Henry and Catherine were hitched for pretty much 24 years, and even though she bore him a child, the long run Mary we (b1516), their relationship had been affected by numerous miscarriages and stillbirths.

Yet Catherine had been an able and consort that is supportive Henry and well-liked by her topics, also it’s known that the few rode and hunted together. She ruled as regent whenever Henry ended up being fighting in France, and her army defeated the potent forces of King James IV of Scotland during the battle of Flodden in 1513.

Nonetheless, because their battles to conceive a male that is healthy proceeded, Henry VIII looked to numerous mistresses. Their affairs produced a wide range of illegitimate offspring (though a son Henry Fitzroy had been the child that is only be acknowledged), and Catherine was fundamentally restarted in preference of her lady-in-waiting Anne Boleyn.

As Henry sought an annulment to their wedding, Catherine ended up being afflicted by a protracted means of humiliation and heartbreak that she was the rightful queen while she fought to prove her fidelity to Henry and insist. Whenever Pope Clement VII declined to grant the annulment which he therefore desired, Henry’s infatuation with Anne sparked some slack with papal obedience, a vital catalyst for the English Reformation.

Henry formally married Anne Boleyn in January 1533, while they had most likely currently hitched secretly at Dover in November 1532. Henry’s wedding to Catherine of Aragon wasn’t annulled because of the newly appointed Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, until might 1533.

Exactly just How did Catherine of Aragon die?

This woman is understood just in the children’s rhyme about Henry’s spouses as ‘divorced’. Yet Catherine of Aragon also ‘survived’ for 36 months following the annulment of her wedding. But, she had been banished through the king’s court and cruelly denied connection with her young child, Mary, also during her final disease (Henry did give a call from Catherine’s buddy Eustace Chapuys, the Spanish ambassador to the Tudor chinese brides court).

She passed away during the chronilogical age of 50, of suspected heart cancer tumors, on 7 January 1536 at Kimbolton Castle – simply four months before Henry’s 2nd spouse met her horrifying and bloody end.

Catherine, in a grave marked ‘Dowager Princess of Wales’, ended up being hidden at Peterborough Abbey, now Peterborough Cathedral.

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Elinor Evans could be the Deputy Digital Editor of BBC History Magazine.